Thursday, August 5, 2010

Take a look at my first 'have-a-go'at OneTrueMedia vid

Friday 76 August

It's a beautiful, sunny day out here are Tahaaroa.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hi. This is our kura, small and cute, but full of tamariki who are full of fun and laughter.... we have the occasional whawhai but they're forgotten 5 minutes later.
Our school has two classrooms, a library, a 100-year old classroom, and a new administration block. We love our kura. Next year we will celebrate 100 years. Whanau from all over will return to Tahaaroa. Mr Woody is going to help us with our filming of the celebrations.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hi again Big T Surfers
Its great to see a majority of the class using our Big T Surfer site to communicate about things happening in the classroom.
How's everybody going with their Science Projects? Need any help let me know. We should keep in contact more this way if you see I'm busy working with others in the class drop me a line on my blog (Whaea Fire).
Using your blog this way is also a way of writing how you feel about work you're doing, is it hard, easy, boring, exciting? Anything you're not enjoying, or maybe things we could do for next term.

Keep the 20-second video challenge for Mr Woody in mind. How many of you have done this?
Keeping tabs on our friends and followers from the other schools who've tapped into our blog? Don't forget to send them replies - they enjoy as we do too.

Cheers guys
Whaea F